Hello World, It's lovely to meet you.


Today is a very special day and the beginning of an exciting and nerve racking adventure. Today Make It Ethical comes alive!


Months of planning and praying have been poured into our website baby and here we are all dressed up and ready to go!


So what’s Make it Ethical all about? We are joining the ever-growing unified voice against slave labour. We understand the difficulties of purchasing ethically and the lack of ethical producers in our day-to-day shopping sites. So what are we doing about it? 


Make it Ethical places a tool in the online shoppers’ hand for combating slave labour and cheaply made products. After all, the heart of buying ethically is not only to support exceptional companies but to impart the ethos of buying better stuff... not just more stuff.


So why don’t you jump on board with us? Let’s band together and head out on this exciting adventure to discover


shopping bags of freedom and beauty hidden amongst the fashion world. 


Watch this space! 


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