A thought provoking look into human trafficking.


This is a challenging perspective!


Noy has got me thinking about social responsibility and how stories, good gorey ones, have a pertinent effect on our perspectives of slave labour. Perhaps when you or I think about modern day slaves we see stolen girls, pimps and monsters in human form? Whilst true for so many people, this perspective takes all responsibilty out of my hands. When we are ready to stop and force ourselves to look with socially concious eyes we can see that social inequality, poverty and barriers to migration are enablers to finding better emplyment opportunties and are lacking in situations of forced labour.


Redefining our ideas of human trafficking will allow us to see the part we play every day to ensure that workers are no longer mistreated.  


There is so much great content in this talk. Let's all admit it sounds so much better coming from her! 

Take it away Noy!





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