You don't need $$ to make it ethical!


What's the best thing you can do right now to make it ethical?


Yes, you with the post christmas bank account crisis!


Look inside your wardrobe!


It's that simple, getting the most out of the items we already have is the most affordable way to stand against slave labour. 

If it's pilled, dry clean it. Holey? sew it. Stained? soak it. And when it's absolutely time to throw it there are a few fabulously affordable options out there. 


1. Check out your local second hand store, you will be pleasantly surprised!


2. Clothes swap! Yes, get your friends together and swap up a storm. It's time to get that dress you've always loved.


3. Buy one classic, long-lasting item. Instead of having a collection of boots why not buy one or two pairs that are timeless and made to last? That makes shopping ethically very affordable! And of course, we know of some fabulous stores.


Merry Christmas and happy new year.








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