How To Make The Perfect Linen Burrito


It’s almost July and I don’t know about you but I dislike winter. The whole cold thing is really average. Sure there’s that one person you work with who stands up for winter, some might even say it’s their favourite season, MADNESS! It’s all lies, don’t believe a word of it! Winter has few benefits and I will list them here; Cosy fires, strawberries cannot grow without cold weather… that is all. 


Perhaps you’re reading this at your desk or in the lunchroom, maybe even in a boring lecture or at the bus stop. Well just so you know I'm not in any of those places, I am in bed! Yes, you read it right, glorious bed. It’s 8:30 in the morning, cold (thanks for nothing winter), and I have work to do, so when you work from home why would you not work as much as possible from bed. Hmm now I’m imagining an accountant sitting in bed, tucked up beside his fax machine and a tall stack of files on one side… Yeah, so working from bed doesn’t create a great consultant space (a little awkward for the customers) but it’s my ergonomic chair of choice. 


So here I am tucked up like a linen burrito and with just enough skill I can squeeze my arms out the side and type my disdain for winter and my linen burrito story for you. What better space to contemplate all the good things in life? Things such as bed. 



Anywho… Why am I really writing this blog? That is an amazing existential question! The answer to which is that I want to tell you about the best kinds of bedding out there and what better place to do it then from bed. It seems more qualified an opinion coming from someone sitting in bed, you could say that I am actively undertaking field research. Although, I won’t be writing about just any bedding I’m talking about the organic and Fair Trade kind, the kind that give workers all over the world a better sleep too. 



Recently I chatted with Eileen Mockus, CEO of America’s first organic bedding company Coyuchi. Eileen shared Coyuchi’s journey with me and touched on their crazy passion for organic cotton. Starting out in a small seaside town, their heart for the natural things in life was evident right from the start and so choosing organic and natural fibres was hardly a choice at all! And as I talk more with pro-organic companies, I realise that organic cotton is not only a nice idea, it is critically important! Here are the main reasons why:



Toxic chemicals!



As many of you know organic cotton contains absolutely no toxic chemicals! This is an entirely different story for conventional cotton where the plants are laden in pesticides. Unbelievably,  25% of the total world supply of pesticides are used in the conventional cotton industry alone! And yes, you’re right to wonder what that quantity of pesticides does to those who spray and handle the cotton, not to mention the quantities of chemicals that go into the soil, damaging the environment and tainting local waterways. 



The chemical impact doesn’t stop there, standard cotton fabrics are coated with chemicals such a Formaldehyde, this finishing product can add another 25% to the thickness of the fabric! Not only is formaldehyde a known carcinogen (and one that exacerbates asthma and dermatitis) but because of the bulking effect it means that our fabrics will thin out after a few washes AND THAT SUCKS! So not only can you guarantee that your Coyuchi sheets are 100% organic cotton but for those of you that have allergies, skin irritations and even those who don’t you can be sure that there are no nasty chemicals in your linen burrito.



It’s not just chemicals that keeps Eileen on her toes, Coyuchi have reputably high production standards, partnering with producers and farmers that are certified by a whole raft of organisations such as GOTS and USDA. Since 2014 they have worked with Fair Trade certified producers to create a whole range of Fair Trade products including towels, blankets and sheets. Aaaand let's not forget to mention their participation with the Textile Exchange in their efforts to create higher wool and down standards.



So it's safe to say that these guys know how to do bedding right and that definitely bears true when I go onto their site and pine so loudly for their linen duvet sets that it sends Cam deep into the man cave. Unfortunately for him, now I am even more informed and the case for new bedding is only growing stronger, something's gotta give! I make no apologies and none either for infiltrating your mind with thoughts of bed and making you so ready to hit the hay that it's driving you crazy. But before you roll up that burrito of goodness make sure to take a minute to check out Coyuchi’s powerful message and range but BE WARNED this is serious linen business and it is heavily addictive! 



Sweet dreams friends x

















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