5 things to do in Paris- from a scruffy Kiwi bush-child.



Bonjour Mon'Amie!


A very exciting post today as Les Sublimes have joined forces with Make it Ethical to help spread the word about their passion packed adventure that kicks off today!!!  

Skyrocketing off into the wonderful world of ethical fashion, Les Sublimes launch their first line and what a stunner-heart throb - drool a little- range it is!

Good old kiwi land and the aire of the French seem an unlikely pair. I can confirm this as my time spent in Paris in my teens was fairly comical at its best. Although following your parents to Paris for a business trip seems luxurious and austere, when you throw a bunch of scruffy kiwi kids into the Parisienne life it does make for interesting tourist times! No I didn't go to the louvre, I didn't go to the south of France and drink french wine to my hearts content. Oh no! Mainly because my siblings and I resembled some form of uncultured animal pack until we hit our later teens (I say that, but I'm not 100% sure that we have actually grown out of that ...)




So what did we do? We ate truck - loads of french tarts, sussed out the best flavours of gum, spent endless amounts of time in the Supermarche, (cars, clothes and bunk beds all in the grocery store... my small town kiwi mind was blown! ) not to mention our strategic juice stealing operation, launched whilest the lazy receptionist smoked out the back of the hotel. And just like absolutely anyone that has spent time in Paris we stared longingly into many a shop window gazing at the stunning french designer items. And well now that I am a little bigger and a smidgen more grown up I find myself flicking through this stunning french line, only to find that familiar sense of awe flow through my veins.


But there are 5 key differences here and you won't see these on just any Parisienne shop window;

1. Les sublimes are proudly Made in France by a small family run factory! <Lovey eyes>
2. Organic cotton where ever possible 
3. Sustainably sourced wool, seeking small cooperatives and family farms to provide fabrics
4. Transparency! Les Sublimes are so proud of their creative process that they want to share it with you! Just ask them!
5. These items are classic and made to last!


So now that I have stirred the scruffy kiwiland bush-child within you, press your nose and exhale a foggy window breath as you gaze at this dustinguished range. A perfect example of Slow, treasured and passionately handcrafted fashion.  And hey, why not pretend you're in Paris,  eat a tart, chew some gum and check out this beaut of a range. Good on ya mate! www.les-sublimes.com 



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