It's Chocolate Tasting Time! 1st Edition.

Hey peeps,


There is something you should know about me, and this may come as a surprise to those that know me well - I have a problem. I am a self-professed addict, and I don't need formalised documents to tell me that.


It's hard living with a permanent sweet tooth. Meals have lost their vibrancy and are bland, tasteless, and literally hard to swallow if they aren't coated in the that dangerous white powder.


I've tried to give my little friend the kick, but alas, I cannot. Sharon even tried to help me overcome it through a 2 week no sugar buzz earlier last year - but I cheated on the first night and ate a moro gold. Actually, yeah, I cheated every one of the 14 days. I can't describe it but come 9pm every night, my internal body clock just screams "feed me!"


As far as revelations go, through my struggles I've come to realise that I don't really want to kick my addiction just yet. I'm young, I'm fit, rather handsome - what have I got to lose (except low cholestrol levels in later life...)


What's the point of my transparency? To let you know I'm the man for the job, the most qualified. I have the privilege of being Make It Ethical's one and only chocolate taste tester.


My first conquest is Trade Aid's 70% cocoa "crisp mint" flavour. Now, while I am usually prejudiced towards the good stuff (milk chocolate), I have developed an affinity for dark chocolate seeing as its the only way I can justify buying any chocolate whatsoever during the weekly shop. Apparently it's better for you? I don't buy this dark is better nonsense. My logic is


           - Chocolate comes from a cultivated plant - the cocoa tree

           - Edible plants (in general) are good for you


           - Chocolate is ULTIMATELY beneficial in all aspects of your day to day health.


The block itself comes in tidy rows of 4, nicely shaped into tiny squares. This is definitely a bonus for me, as the small nature of the inidividual squares will save me from over indlugence. 


Breaking a square off, my heart starts to race - as it always does when I'm being naughty and feeding my addiction. The first thing that's important to note when the chocolate hits my tastebuds is that the mint flavour really bursts on the pallette and acts as a very nice compliment to the dark chocolate tang. It isn't overpowering, but leaves a refreshing aftertaste ultimately leading to wanting to break off just one more. The downfall I can foresee with Trade Aid's 'crisp mint' is I won't be able to stop once I've started.


Overall, in looking beyond that attractive exterior and the delicious taste, it is encouraging to know that I am indulging my sugar fix with chocolate that is entirely organic and fair trade. Well done Trade Aid - in an already over populated market, what a revelation that we can have sweet treats that are hand crafted with love and care by those who are paid a fair wage and get enjoyment in their day to day.


           Rating: 4.5/5 














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