Radical Business, What A Challenge!


"Want to live in a world served by compassionate business for the common good of humanity for the benefit of future generations? Good. We do too." -Nik Gregg, Sustainability Options.


Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Nik Gregg from Sustainability Options.  Nik is a great guy with a crazy vision! To show the world compassionate business.


So what is compassionate business?


A compassionate business is one that looks beyond it's immediate needs. A business that is not driven by monitary profits, productivity and growth,  though these are good they are not first. So what is?


What comes first is the desire to do good and commitment to creating a better and kinder world. One that seeks the best for our planet and its creatures and ultimately for people and communities. 


Sounds good, but why is Nik's idea so radical?


"At the heart of compassionate business is a gift".


What grabs me about Sustainability Options is their desire to do good and to give their services for that reason. They don't hide their knowledge and dish it out at a premium, oh no! They door knock to share their wealth of knowledge with whomever is interested, showing homeowners, renovators and new builds how to become more sustainable and energy efficient and helping cold homes become warm ones.  And yes, they give this away for free driven by their passion for sustainability and their belief that it is the best 'good' that they can give. Wow!


So now I ask myself 'what is the good I seek to give with Make It Ethical?' and 'how can I go about sharing this 'good' and giving this to anyone who wants it- doing so first before I define a money earning route?' Yep, You all think I'm crazy! But at the end of the day, I am truely following the path of good and as in Nik's case I believe that all other things will come in line in their place. So, for now I shall write, share and encourage and wait to see what happens! So please band with me on this exciting unwalked journey.


"The world is constantly calling out for us to do business differently" let's answer that call together. 


To find out more about Nik's endeavors check out Sustainability Options at www.sustainabilityoptions.org.nz


Peace and love,






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